Post-Abortion Grief Support

Have you experienced an abortion during your life journey?

Our Post-Abortion Grief Support (PAGS) program is for you.

The PAGS program is an 8 – 10 week counseling course, where you can safely talk about your experience. This program can be instrumental in overcoming some of the emotional and physical wounds that may be the result of abortion.

PAGS is about forgiving ourselves and finding healing. You will have an opportunity to step out of isolation, find support, and normalize your feelings. You can grieve your loss with people who care and understand what you have been through. You do not need to suffer silently in shame or regret around a past decision. Call us so we can meet with you and walk alongside you through healing.


The following thoughts were shared by clients who have completed the PAGS program:

“I found it helpful to learn new things about grieving loss and celebrating gains.” -Shania

“I appreciated the freedom to speak honestly – no judgment.” -Fatima

“Learning to identify triggers that held me captive for a long time was helpful to me.” -Stacey

*Names have been changed for confidentiality